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WIX: How to add click tracking and conversion code?

This tutorial is very important after successfully creating CPA ads such as banners, shopping, native and many more. Otherwise, you will not be able to track successful conversions. Therefore, please complete both tutorials below.

How do click tracking and conversion codes work?

a. When potential customers click on your ad, they will visit your site and look around the content and products you sell. The IgniterAds system will record their clicks and IP addresses as well as through the cache.

b. Once they purchase your sales items, the conversion code (embedded into your Wix Checkout) will send data to the IgniterAds system that there were a successful sales and 100% conversion will be recorded.

c. If click tracking is recorded, but no purchase is made, the conversion will not be recorded.

Click Tracking Code

1. Get your click tracking code first through the IgniterAds dashboard in the MANAGE ADS section. Then, click on the pencil icon as shown by the second red arrow in the picture below.

2. You need to copy the click tracking code that you will insert on the front page of your website. To copy, click the pencil icon as shown by the red arrow in the image below.

3. Now, log in to your Wix dashboard and click on the Dashboard located on the left column. Then, click the Settings button located below.

4. Scroll down. Find the Custom code and click it. Paste the click tracking code you have copied in (2) above below the <head>. You need to place the click tracking code of the second product below the click tracking code of the first product. And the same method for third and subsequent products. For this tutorial, there are two ads (or two different products) that we want to track the number of clicks and the row numbers involved are 5, 6, 7 and 9, 10, 11 (your row numbers may be different and not the same as this tutorial). So, if you only have one ad (or one product), only rows 5, 6, 7 are involved.

Note: If you have, e.g. 15 ads or products that you want to track the number of clicks, you must insert 15 click tracking codes below the <head>.

Conversion Code

5. Follow the same steps in (1) above. This time copy the conversion code only.

6. In the left column, click the icon as shown in the screenshot below. Next, select Store Pages and click Thank You Page.

7. Again, in the left column, click the “+” icon as shown in the screenshot below. Select Embed, then Custom Embeds. Add Embed a Widget into the Thank You page.

8. Click the Enter Code button.

9. Paste the conversion code in step (5) above into the text field of “Add your code here (HTTPS only)“. Make sure to select Code instead of Website Address. To save it, click the Update button.

10. Minimize the height of the HTML box.

11. And drag the HTML box below the “Continue Shopping” text. Click Save to store your Thank You Page layout.

Note: HTML boxes are invisible and will not be displayed to visitors.

If you need our help inserting the click tracking and conversion code, please click here.

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