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Tips On How To Increase Revenue As A Publisher

There are various ways to improve your income as a publisher through IgniterAds. We do not have a problem if you place a lot of ads on your website as long as it complies with the rules that we have set up.

We’ll show you one way to maximize your income by placing many ads in posts or pages on your website. This tutorial is for those who place ads using WordPress only.

1. Create ad code for banner size of 300x250px.

2. Then, create 4 more ad code:

a. Banner size of 300x250px (although it has been created in (1) above, just make another one).

b. Text Ad size of 336×100.

c. Native Ad with Ad Type ‘Text + Image’, Select Ad Layout ‘2×2’ or ‘3×3’, Ad Image Dimension ‘200×200’ and enable ‘Make Ad Responsive’.

3. If you’re new, please follow first the method of inserting ad code for WordPress here.

4. Using the WP Quads plugin, follow the settings as below:

a. Go to the ‘ADS‘ tab. Create 4 Ads ie Ad 1, Ad 2, Ad 3 and Ad 4.

b. Paste the ad code you have created in (1) and (2) above. That is, the ad code for (1) above is inserted in Ad 1, ad code (2a) above as in Ad 2, (2b) in Ad 3, and (2c) in Ad 4.

c. To beautify your web layout, enter <center> at the beginning of the code and </center> at the end of the code. Insert also <br> after </center> if you want the displayed banner to have the distance with the content on that page (see the example in the picture below).

d. Finally, click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

5. Then click on the ‘GENERAL & POSITION‘ tab. Follow the same settings as the picture below:

6. Done, that’s all you need to do to maximize your income. The resulting example can be viewed here: Multiple Ads Showcase

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