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How Do We Detect And Block The Use Of Click Bots?

There are various fraudulent services out there. It includes:

  • Fake ad network
  • Backlink Builder
  • Rank builder (DA, PA, PR, Alexa Rank)
  • Organic traffic from countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia for 30 or 60 days in a row.
  • Bulk mail blaster
  • Email opt-in services
  • Guest post publishing
  • Keyword targeted traffic
  • Outreach services
  • Off-page and On-page SEO
  • And more.

However, the results:

  1. No one opts in for the email.
  2. Traffic for 30 days exists but comes from a bot.
  3. Keyword targeted traffic also uses bots.
  4. Bulk mail also uses bots.
  5. SEO techniques are not satisfactory.
  6. Outreach services are using a spin-off article generator and generate articles from other sites.

How can we detect fraud from the above services?

  1. Session duration is less than 2 seconds and does not make sense (minimally supposed to be 8 seconds for real humans).
  2. The bounce rate is high.
  3. The incoming traffic is mostly using a browser type and version that are almost identical and unchanged.
  4. Similar to the browsers, the operating system uses the same system all the time.
  5. There is no scroll page activity.
  6. There are no sales (if 1 million users are guaranteed to visit our website, there should be at least 0.01% of buyers exist, that is equal to 100 buyers).

How do we detect and block the use of click bots?

NITU is the given name for our click fraud prevention system in IgniterAds. Here’s how NITU works:

  1. Detects spam clicks per hour from the same IP or using a proxy.
  2. The direct link for the ad is not clickable but only through the website that is displaying the IgniterAds ad (publishers site is constantly monitored and approved by us).
  3. It constantly updates the proxy list everyday and matches with the IP address of the so-called ‘human’ (bot) and also from the publisher’s website that the bot needs to access in order to click the ad. (Example server proxy at If the click matches the proxy IP, NITU will exclude the cost of PPC for the clicks. This will save your ad spend.
  4. NITU also subscribes to a paid VPN from multiple VPN providers and will copy and update the given VPN IP address every day. There is a click bot that uses the IP address of the VPN. If the click matches the VPN IP, NITU will exclude the cost of PPC for the clicks. This will again save your ad spend.
  5. NITU is anti whitehat, grayhat and blackhat. It only accepts normal organic clicks.
  6. And many more. We can’t explain all because our information here might give an idea to the click hackers.

We have built IgniterAds to give you confidence that our service is genuine and legit. No need to worry because we do not use click bot and ban the use of click bot among our publishers. If there is a publisher involved, we will ban them immediately.

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