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Easy step by step guide to become an IgniterAds publisher

First of all, thank you for your interest in becoming an IgniterAds publisher. This tutorial is intended to list important and selected tutorials to speed up you to become a publisher.

1. The first step starts with signing up as a publisher. Then, please click on the link below:

2. Then, register your website address here:

3. At the moment, we have received a great response from advertisers for the banner, native and shopping ad. For your convenience, use our unique OARTA ad. It is built to represent all our advertising formats, including banner, text, text+image and shopping ad. You are no longer needed to create a different ad code. All in one.

So, to make your site more profitable as a publisher, please add these two types of ads to your website by following the tutorial below:

4. That’s it! Congratulations on your success as a publisher.

You can view a demo site here.

Are the steps a bit complicated? Don’t worry, and we also provide ad placement services on your website for free.

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