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What will happen to my ads fund if I click the ADD budget button?

This question is often asked by advertisers regarding the advertising fund balance when viewing the IgniterAds dashboard or when creating any new ads. Follow the description below for a further explanation:

1. Let’s say that an example of your latest advertising fund balance is worth $1,005.00.

2. Then, you created a new CPC banner ad with a $100 of Ad Total Budget. To finalize the ad creation, you click the ADD button as in the screenshot below.

3. Once you click the ADD button, your advertising budget balance changes from $1,005.00 to $905.00. This is because $100 has been deducted from the remaining $1,005.00.

But suddenly you need to make changes to the ad such as changing the CPC Rate or Ad Daily Budget and need to press the BUDGET CANCELLATION button to cancel the previous setting.

4. Has your $100 advertising budget simply disappeared without your knowledge? No. Take a look at the screenshot below. Your $100 fund has been refunded to your advertising balance bringing the total back to the original of $1,005.00.

5. However, what if your ad campaign has been running for a few days and as many as 100 clicks have been used e.g. 100 x $0.10 equals to $10.00 (for CPC) or 5 x $2.00 equals to $10.00 (for CPA)? If you click the BUDGET CANCELLATION button, only $90.00 will be refunded back into your advertising balance.

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