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SHOPIFY: Add us to your staff account

If you have trouble inserting the click tracking and conversion code into your Shopify site, you can request help from us. No worries, as we can’t access your sales and order information or other settings that might give us full access permission.

Please follow the tutorial below:

1. Log in to your Shopify dashboard as usual. Click on Settings. Then, click Plan and permissions located in the right column.

2. Scroll down until you see the Add staff account. Click the button.

3. Enter the details as follows:

Then unchecked This staff account will have full permissions.

4. For the security of your account, only permit us access to the Settings and Themes. Then click the Send Invite button.

5. The steps to give access to your Shopify has been completed.

How to remove us from the staff account?

6. From the screenshot above, click on our name, which is IgniterAds Support. Then, scroll down and click Remove IgniterAds Support (refer to the screenshot below).

Note: But we encourage you not to remove us entirely and only Suspend Access. This is because while your advertising campaign on IgniterAds is running, you might need help from us again.

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