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How do I find the website that shows my ad?

We know that this function is essential to you. Currently, the function to check which links show your ads is in development (phase 2). We expect this function to be available in the advertiser’s dashboard by October 2020.

The reason why our previous link tracking has been disabled as our ad server received multiple attacks from our competitors and individuals. They are using scraping software to retrieve a list of our publisher’s sites and invite them to use their ad platform. And now, we’re upgrading our link tracking to V2.0. Hopefully will be completed by October 2020.

For now, you can use our conversion tracker service from ClickMagick, which is our partner when the link tracking function is available later.

How to use ClickMagick?

  1. Sign up first and select the required package.
  2. Enter your website address and ClickMagick will generate a new link for you.
  3. Email us and attach the new link and we will change your old link in the banner to the new one.

Last updated: July 20, 2020

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