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How to add a new admin for the Squarespace website?

This tutorial is intended to help new publishers who want to get our help with ad placement on their Squarespace website. Follow the tutorial below to add us as an admin on Squarespace.

Note: Even though we’ve been added as “admin”, you remain as the “owner” of the website.

1. First, log in to your Squarespace website. Then in the left column, click Settings.

2. After clicking Settings, click Permissions.

3. Now, you need to invite us as an admin to help you to add IgniterAds ads. No worries as you still the “owner” and “admin” user can’t remove “owner“. After our task finished, you can remove us as an admin user. Choose INVITE CONTRIBUTOR.

4. Next, enter the details below and click the SAVE button.

Name: IgniterAds

Email: [email protected]

PERMISSIONS: Choose Administrator

Note: Make sure to copy and paste our email address correctly as we will not be liable and responsible if you mistakenly enter a wrong email address and your website might be accessed by other parties.

5. To remove us as an admin, please wait for our email that stated our work has been completed. Then, you can remove us as admin by clicking REMOVE ACCESS. Removing us as an admin won’t affect your IgniterAds earnings.

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