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Introduction to Cost per Action (CPA)

If you want to generate 100% successful sales (yes, we mean 100% sales without any loss), use the CPA (cost per action) method as a pricing model.

Cost Per Action (CPA):

Your ad spending will be based on user actions such as a sale, registration, file download or a survey. CPA is the most favourable ad by publishers compare to CPC and CPM.

How does it work? An explanation of the CPA based pricing model with a 100% success rate:

  1. Our publisher will place your ad on their website.
  2. Let say your item worth US$19.99 and you intend to give a US$2.00 commission (e.g. 10% or a minimum of US$0.50) to our publisher for a successful sale. If an audience clicks on your ad and buys the item in your store, the commission will be paid to our publisher.
  3. Even if a million people click on your banner, we will not charge any cost per click. It’s free as long as you hold an account with us.
  4. Our ad system is based on a prepaid advertising fund that needs to be deposited before the campaign start and the funds will be used to pay commissions to our publisher.
  5. We do not involve in your sales collection via PayPal, credit cards or other payment processors. We only manage marketing and commission distribution to the publishers.
  6. If you want to achieve 10 sales, the required advertising fund (prepaid based) is “commission per sale x 10” (US$2.00 x 10) which is equivalent to US$20.00.
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