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Introduction To Our Managed Services Plan

Occasionally, some advertisers do not have the expertise or techniques to create ads. They also include entrepreneurs who may not have the time to learn technical ads that can reduce costs, methods for targeting specific audiences and so on. We are aware of the time savings they need. So we create Managed Services apart from our existing core Self-Serve platform.

What are the advantages of Managed Services from IgniterAds?

  • Low cost per click (CPC) and Cost per mille (CPM) compared to the Self-Serve bidding platform.
  • Includes various types of ads such as Text, Banner, Interstitial, Native and POP.
  • Guaranteed low advertising costs.
  • Guaranteed number of clicks or impressions to be achieved.
  • Minimize the time to learn the techniques and methods to create ads.
  • Ads are ready in less than 6 hours (if all information is available and submitted to us).
  • No need to monitor 24 hours a day. Reports can be viewed on the dashboard.
  • No need to reconfigure the ads from time to time if unsatisfactory. We ourselves will tweak your ads daily to achieve the desired number of clicks or impressions.
  • No need to do keyword research and analysis. Everything will be made by us.

How to subscribe to our Managed Services?

  1. Visit our Managed Services page.
  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
  3. We’ll send you a quote.
  4. If you agree to our quote, make a payment and we will set up your ads in less than 6 hours.
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