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How to setup user permission for blog or site?

For WordPress:

1. First, log into your WordPress dashboard. Click Plugins on the left column and Add New. Search for a plugin name User Role Editor by Members. Please install and activate it.

2. In the left column, click Users and select Add New Role.

3. Now, you need to create a new role called IgniterAds. In the General tab, make sure Read capability is checked.

4. Then, in the Users tab, check Edit Roles, List Roles and List Users. Finally, click the Add Role button on the right column.

5. Next, you’ll need to add user igniterads that we will use to access your WordPress site. In the left column, click Users and select Add New.

6. Then, create user igniterads:

  • Username: igniterads
  • Email: Please refer to the email address that we provide in your email.
  • First Name: IgniterAds
  • Last Name: Support
  • User Roles: IgniterAds

7. And finally, click the Add New User button at the bottom. That’s it! All done.

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