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How Can I Add My Site?

Complete all steps from this manual. It’s very important to add your site so that the IgniterAds server will communicate with your site.

  1. Click on the PUBLISHER tab, choose SITES and click the “ADD SITE” option.
  2. Fill in all the required fields. Make sure to choose an appropriate category for your site.
  3. If your website begins with “https://”, please select it.
  4. Replace ‘’ with your site, for example; Make sure there’s a ‘www’ before your domain name.
  5. Fill in your website Title and Description.
  6. (Optional) Upload your logo.
  7. Click to SUBMIT your website and we will verify for you.

Please note, if you got an error stated “invalid site name”, please remove “/” at the end of the URL. Example:

  • ‘’ become ‘’

Else, if you still got an error, please get in touch with us with the error message.

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