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Terms and Conditions for Refund

LAST UPDATED: October 25, 2019

A refund is a proof that we don’t use any illegal click bot.

At times we do not have publishers for your ads with niche, category and keyword configurations and certain countries. Do we lack a publisher? No. Here’s why:

  1. We may have publisher related to your keyword or ad category but unfortunately, the publisher’s location is not in the country that you are targeting.
  2. There are also situations in which your ad’s location is targeted as Worldwide and must be combined with conditional logic such as category and keyword and there’s no publisher that is able to comply with this strict condition.

Therefore, we provide a 60 days refund. Read more below.

For a Managed Services

1. You can request a refund if you do not get the necessary number of clicks or impressions.

2. The refund will be made within 60 days from the date of purchase. For example, you purchased on January 1, 2019. The first day is calculated one day after the date of purchase. So, you can make a refund on March 2, 2019. The 60-day period is better compared to other companies that do not even give a little refund.

3. Regarding the Managed Services package. You pay for 1,000 clicks. Each click is calculated with a value of (for example) $1.00. If only 300 clicks are achieved, you have the remaining 700 more clicks. Therefore, the amount of refund you can earn on the 60th day is $ 700.

4. Likewise with the impression. The cost per mille for 1,000 impressions is (for example) $5.00. For $1000 worth of advertising costs, successful impressions are only achieved at 60,000. The remaining impression of 140,000, equal to $700, will be refunded.

5. For all refund cases, the Welcome Bonus is automatically canceled and not counted as part of the refund value.

6. For all refund cases, the refund amount does not include a transaction fee.

7. A refund can only be made via Paypal. The example of the refund value in (3) and (4) above does not include the transaction fee by Paypal. We will deduct from your refund value.

8. The number of clicks/impressions achieved cannot be refunded because it is considered a successful click/impression and we have to pay our publisher.

For a Self-serve Platform

1. There will be no refund if you do not get the necessary number of clicks or impressions.

2. A refund is only applicable to our Managed Services.

3. The Self-serve platform is designed to serve your ad according to your own ad configuration, setting and budget. We are not responsible for an unachieved result due to your configuration and setting.

4. All the fund added by you is considered to be used until depleted.

5. NOTE: However, the refund terms for the Self-Serve Platform are extended to advertisers who add funds using bitcoin. Regardless of how much the fund has been added, you can refund it immediately but provided that we first deduct the advertising costs you have used and an 8% transaction fee will be charged. Please contact us here.

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