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Interstitial AD campaigns

Specifications and design guidelines:

  • Title: 50 characters
  • Description: 50 characters
  • Image:
    • 750×500 (recommended for laptop/desktop)
    • 400×400 (recommended for laptop/desktop)
    • 300×250 (recommended for mobile)
    • 300×400 (recommended for mobile)
    • 340×480 (recommended for mobile)
  • File type: jpg / png / gif

Content policies

All campaigns and ads must comply with the following policies:

Additional restrictions for Interstitial campaigns include:

  • Ads that automatically download files to a user’s device are prohibited. Only the automatic download of APK for mobile devices is permitted.
  • The ads must not contain malicious software or “malware” that may infect computers and mobile devices.

Landing page policies

  • Landing pages must not be of poor quality (contain typos, misleading images, empty pages, etc.).



  • A user must be able to easily close the landing page. Landing pages with no option to close are prohibited.
  • The landing page must not have more than two popups (alerts).
  • Landing pages that exploit the vulnerabilities in a browser (for example, to install a file) are prohibited.
  • Landing pages that force auto SMS sending from a user’s devices are prohibited.
  • Landing pages must not trick users into subscribing to notifications by reloading or blocking the offer page.

Text policy

Text creatives for Interstitial campaigns must use proper grammar and punctuation.

The following is prohibited:

  • Promotion of pharmaceuticals. It is only permitted to promote dietary supplements that are not regulated like medicine.
  • Phishing and other sweepstakes scams. You can offer a chance to win something, but you can’t guarantee it. Unacceptable: “You won an iPhone”, “You won the bonus”, “Your phone has arrived”, “Press and get…”, “Your phone is booked”, “Click on the link to get…”, “Ask a question and get…”, “Your new gadget for free”. Acceptable: “You have a chance to win an iPhone”, “You have a chance to win a prize”.
  • Promotion of gambling and betting activities in GEOs where this is illegal (e.g. in the USA except in the states of Nevada and New Jersey.).
  • Scary claims. However, messages that suggest checking a phone/computer/browser are permitted. Real offers to protect user privacy or security (for example: VPN services) are also permitted. Unacceptable: “Your phone/browser is not protected”, “Your phone is infected”, “Your personal data will be deleted”. Acceptable: “Boost your smartphone speed!”, “Protect your privacy with Free VPN”.

Images policy

Image creatives must not be of poor quality or very low resolution.

The following is prohibited:

  • Images with full nudity, sex toys.
  • Images of sexual intercourse, genitals, masturbation, sex toys, etc.



Branding usage

  • The use of a brand logo is prohibited if the campaign doesn’t promote this brand (e.g, eCommerce-related brand products or offers).
  • Pictorial and textual references to a brand are permitted if there are no statements that promotions are granted on behalf of this brand.
  • The use of a brand logo is permitted if this logo is placed on the promoted product.



Please note: your landings pages, texts, images, and creatives must comply with the policies above. These guidelines are not exhaustive, and we will reject or remove any campaign’s items that we believe to be harmful to our publishers or users, even if the campaign items otherwise comply with all of our guidelines.

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